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loved by many - she will be missed

Victoria Anne Tropper was a senior in Monmouth University studying Psychology and soon to enter medical school to help save lives. She put an end to bullying as she witnessed such behavior, and always helped people. Victoria had a kind heart which came through in her bright personality. She once wrote “hope is not a wish but a belief that things will get better”.

She loved her family and was connected in many ways to each and everyone she touched. She and her mom were one, both having lupus yet never let that erase their smiles. Daved and Julia, her siblings were cared for by Victoria and their bond went beyond life. Steve and Aurora’s little girl was an amazing girl and young woman who would have done great things for many people, if her life had not been taken so suddenly. Steve and Aurora along with all her family were so proud of Victoria and miss her terribly.

Victoria had many friends, each of whom she touched and changed their lives forever. She was bright, energetic, beautiful and a natural born leader.

December 7, 1991 - September 11, 2013

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